Fabrication of numbers

For the second assignment, we were assigned to find “numbers in the news” to represent using 3D modeling skills. First, we started by researching news item. It was difficult to browse sea of information without knowing what we want to do or able to do. So we decided to get inspired by browsing through current issues and news and choose a topic to go deeper.  

Personally, I started by asking questions like What is relevant to me? As a student, millennial and woman what issues are important? As a student, I am concerned with economy and job markets. As a millennial, I am worried about my future like taxes, healthcare and etc. But later I thought the more appropriate question would be “what is relevant to everyone?” Climate change is a big deal for everyone since everyone is affected by one way or another. So we decided on Climate change issue and go deeper.

Ideas for possible topics

The Process

  1. Research news item on various websites
  2. Pick a topic
  3. Research #2 on specific topic
  4. Gather data for chosen topic
  5. Dig out insights
  6. Brainstorm
  7. Prototype / sketches



Sketches during the brainstorming session.

Because I did not use it in years, I had to brush-up my memories how to use SketchUp. In order to do that, I watched tutorials to re-famliarize with the program. For prototype, I used simple boxes. It was so much easier to see in 3D. Sketching on notebook, we had hard time drawing and visualizing how our projects would look like.


I also played with familar modular tool, Lego to visualize ideas. It would have been nice to have more unified colors, but my lego supply was pretty limited.

Next steps

  • Calculate data for construction
  • Start playing with 3D fabrication tools
  • Gather and buy necessary materials
  • Expect trial and error. Do many iterations
  • Document the process by taking pictures, videos and notes

I cannot wait to use 3D modeling tool for the first time! Hopefully, it won’t be too painful.