Fall 2017 Recap 1 – Social Science Method

In Fall 2017 semester, I focused on gaining more knowledge in American Healthcare System and narrowing down and solidifying my thesis topic.

One of the key problems I identified and want to improve is adverse effects of a language barrier in Healthcare. Langauge barrier worsens social and racial disparities, health literacy and self-agency of patients with Limited English Proficiency (LEP).


Effects of Language Barrier

  • Disparities – Language barrier limits the access to the healthcare, lowers the utilization of preventive services, as a result, worsens health outcomes.
  • Language concordance/Discordance – Language discordant patient more likely to visit ER (Manson, 1988) and lowers patient’s satisfaction.
  • Health Literacy is a capacity to obtain, process and understand basic health information and services to make appropriate health decisions. LEP patients have much lower health literacy due to the limited access to health education.
  • Patient-Provider Communication – Lack of fluid communication in the medical situation impacts LEP patients’ health outcomes. Language barrier increases the risk of adverse medication reaction (Wilson, 2005).
  • Self-Agency is a capacity of individuals to act independently and to make their own free choices. LEP patients tend to have lower self-care agency.

Just having English-only options on important and resourceful websites such as patient portal, insurance website and patient education websites, can contribute to the exacerbation of the language barrier yet in digital space as well, where translation technology already exists.


The purpose – Creative Chain Reaction

This blog is my personal endeavor to gather my inspirations in one place where I can also group and organize similar images, concepts, thoughts, and ideas. I think ideas result from series of chain reactions of inspirations.

I find myself stumble upon numerous websites, images, articles, books, and inspirations in different formats before arriving at a solution. These detours I take can be vital and useful later projects. I want to log my thinking journey so that I can archive and come back to my process whenever I need.

Big Design 2017 – Axure Workshop with Jo Anne Wright

Even though, I feel more comfortable working in Photoshop, 2-D imaging tools are have limitation to display interactivity. Here is my sketchnote from the workshop.



Texas Sky: Math Perspective

We tend to think that the color of the sky is sky blue, but the color of the sky displays different colors through the day. Texas Sky painting includes some unusual colors for the sky.

I dissected this painting into distinctive colors and created a mathematical representation of the painting. Based on the pixel amount of color/

Today, it is very common to represent color in numbers. We categorize colors with Pantone systems and hexadecimal. These methodologies allow us to differentiate one color from the other. Hexadecimal was created so that we can easily identify and refer to a color.

The hex code and pixel count of colors on Texas Sky:

Name HEX Pixel Count
White ffffff 180,468
Ochre a37a2a 44933
Medium Gray 8e8b87 40892
Warm Gray cfc8b9 38952
Dark Gray 83827d 38952
Sky Blue 4f91c5 32536
Mint a7beaa 17198
Blue Gray 7888a1 13753
Black 181713 12803
Red d12523 8252
Orange e88527 4651
Yellow e1cd6a 3555

Pie chart showing the pixel count of colors on Texas Sky


Texas Sky by Ali Akbar. Davidow Collection




Texas Sky: Art Perspective


Like landscapes and seascapes, artists were interested in the sky as a subject of their expression. Traditionally, artists used the watercolor oil or acrylic paints to visualize skies, but today’s world some artists used drones and 360-degree cameras to capture the beauty of the sky.

I created my own skyscape by manipulating photographs of Texas sky, I took over the years. I utilized a grid of different panels to change colors different sections; These sections to represent various faces of Texas Sky.

Texas Sky in a grid by Kelly Park

“My greatest dream is the projection of light into the vast night sky, the probing of the universe as it meets the light, untouched, without obstacles—the world of space is the only one to offer man practically unlimited freedom.”—Otto Piene

Here are some skyscape paintings from various artists.

Vista del Golfo II by Julio Larraz
Untitled by Carlos Narino
ZHAOMING WUSamsara, 2015.jpg
Samsara by Zhaoming Wu
Cloud and Power Line by Maurizio Lanzillotta
Work 1 by Yumiko Kinoshita





Texas Sky: Engineering Perspective

I started this project by creating a mind map, which helped me jot down thoughts quickly and visually brainstorm ideas. Often this process inspires new research topics and the concept of the project. I thought this process is vital for engineering because before you create something, you want to understand what it is.

Mind map


Later, I created a concept map, which is more focused on the artwork, Texas Sky. This methodology helps you carefully observe the artwork longer, discover new meanings and expand your perspective.

Concept Map of Texas Sky by Ali Akbar

Texas Sky: Technology Perspective

How can I capture the vast sky?

We are living in the age of technological advancements where we capture images from the satellites in the universe and do have a better understanding of the atmosphere. But I think capturing the whole sky is quite impossible, but I thought I can mimic the unfathomable and perpetual quality of the sky by looping the animation.

I used my iPad to capture the sky. As I turned 360 degrees, I took 12 photographs in the different angles. Then, I edited photos into monotone photographs. Later, I looped the images to mimic the perceptual quality of the sky. I used some crazy colors to represent the fickle and random quality of Texas sky. Also, each gif animation has different speed, which represent the wind.







Texas Sky: Science Perspective


Meteorology, a science of atmosphere, is closely related to climate changes and weather. Texas is known for its fickle and unexpected weather.

When I first moved to Texas, I noticed that Texas sky is vast. It was because I lived in the big cities like Seoul and New York, where you are surrounded by skyscrapers. In Soul and New York, my view was hindered by skyscrapers, but in Texas, there are very few buildings go up higher than three stories. The sky is wide open for you to observe. It is interesting to observe Texas sky because of  fickle and sporadic weather. This month, different parts of Texas experienced very discrete weather. Houston got flood, Rowlett got softball-sized hail. It is Texas when it pours down one moment and later all dried up and sunny.

The sky in the painting, Texas Sky, seems like it’s ready to change at any moment. Based on the weather I experienced living Texas, I created a gif animation that mimics the precipitation radar. Different colored areas are selected; in motion, it looks like the cloud is dancing.

image2-1024x994     dancingcloud.gif



Texas Sky by Ali Akbar

Similar to LoveJack Project, we were challenged to select an artwork from Davidow Collection at UTD and interpret in STEAM perspectives. I chose an artwork called Texas Sky by Ali Akbar.

Texas Sky is a small acrylic painting located on the third floor of the Art and Technology building. At first, I walked passed by this painting without noticing because of its size, but when I noticed, I gazed at it and felt like I am looking through the atmosphere from the above. I want to capture different aspects of the sky for this project.


How can such a small work describe a big sky?

Collector Notes:

This small, intimate artwork says a great deal about the vast scale of our wonderful sky.  Artist Ali Akbar found new ways to work with paint, creating slabs of paint on another surface and then dragging it carefully onto a new canvas.  A prolific painter at the time, he returned to his native Bangladeshto continue these precious small works.



With 19 distinctive perspectives gathered from 6 individuals, we decided to create a website where anyone can contribute their ideas and opinions about certain artworks, which enables us to explore multiple perspectives on one specific artwork.

We sorted each perspective into 5 categories:

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math = STEAM

I was responsible for the web design of this website. Here are some inspiration and wireframes.



I started by setting a grid for the design and created different pages based on the main grid. I created a logo and visual language that would dictate the whole website.



You can visit here to discover distinctive perspectives on Love Jack.