Love Jack

The main goal of the assignment is to gather many different distinctive perspectives on one artwork, Jack, also known as “Love Jack” because of the last name of the Artist, Jim Love.

My 3 perspective on Love Jack

  1. Digital 2D models (graphic designs) of “Jack” (e.g. Illustrator)
  2. Exploration of image filtering pipelines (e.g., Filter Forge, Photoshop)
  3. Digital animation of Jack in 2D or 3D

The Love Jack is a giant red sculpture situated in the courtyard of Art and Technology building was first in 1976, is iconic of the University’s larger-than-life thinking. Originally called “Jack,” the sculpture was quickly renamed the Love Jack by students who joined its original name with the name of the sculptor, Jim Love. 

My insight was that even though it is considered as one of the icons of the University of Texas at Dallas, not many people are aware of it. Also, there is a giving society named after the sculpture, The Love Jack Society. I decided to create a branding for The Love Jack Society so that more people other than students and visitors will recognize the Love Jack as an icon of UTD.

1. The Love Jack Society Branding (2D models)



2. Image Filtering

Inspired by the nature of converging angles of the Jack, I created a photo manipulation of Jack using Photoshop. Photos are taken in multiple angles and locations where the viewers will look at the Jack. Different cropped images of Jack forms another image of the Jack.

3. GIF Animation

By animating of photo manipulations, it is easier to see the transformation. Transforming images represent history and legacy that Love Jack witnessed being situated on the campus of the University of Texas at Dallas. Its location moved few times, it was once situated in front of Erik Jonsson Academic Center to Visual Arts building. Currently, it is located in the courtyard of Art and Technology building; which is very suitable since Art and Technology department is where out-of-ordinary and big-thinking happening.